Perennial Leeks are the best!

perennial leeksWith all the good sweet taste of leeks, not as fat as their annual relatives (about the size of your thumb), but oh so much less work. Being edible and perennial make them top of the list – saving time and resources. Right now they are gearing up to supply us with a bounty all winter and spring long. Simply pull the biggest from the bunch and more will continue to grow (if only all our food crops were as easy!). Give yours a dollop of rotten manure and a light mulch. Plant some heartsease beside for a splash for colour and companionship.


  1. Dianne Cody says:

    Hi, do you usually purchase the perennial leeks as a seed? Do they go by another name – just tried to find them online. Is it too late to plant now from seed or should I try and find seedlings?