Organic Seed Raising and Potting Mix for Sale

Megs organic seed raising mix

This is my lovely niece Meg. She’s selling certified organic seed raising and potting mix in Kapiti/ Horowhenua.

It’s recycled from Prana Greens. It’s been used once to grow organic microgreens in. There’s plenty of goodness left in it as the microgreens aren’t in for long and they’re not at all demanding.

Meg bags it into re-used 40litre bags and is selling it for only $10 a bag!

She’ll deliver it for a fee or you can come to Te Horo and pick it up.

Contact her direct on


  1. Julie Southcombe says

    Hey Kath…How are you? Do you have any open days over 22-26 October? Would love to bring my sister up sometime. She lives in Melbourne so not easy to coordinate.
    Hey, that’s Msg! Used to love our chats in common sense. She’s friends with my daughter Katie. Small world! Will have to grab a bag ofmix from her.

    • All good here thanks mate. No sorry no open days planned for then but we could possibly make a visit happen – give me a call or email. And Meg will be gutted to be called MSG haha! yes she is a lovely girl alright and deserves to sell lots of bags of potting mix

  2. Julie Southcombe says

    Meg not Msg!!

  3. Joanne Saunders says

    Hi Kath I hope all is well. I love your newletters. have got many helpful tps from them. I tried to email Meg for her compost but tells me the email address is wrong.

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