Of Citrus, Tamarillos and Feijoas

tamarillo in FebSpare your citrus and subtropicals a thought as they valiantly try to produce young fruits in this baking heat. They need water. Possibly desperately. The best way is a slow hose at their feet until the soil is nice and moist.

Flowering and fruit development are crucial times in a fruit trees life. If they dry out, you’ll get pithy fruits, or none at all as the fruits drop from the stress.

Be fabulous soil caretakers and mulch them well.

Summer Prune

Yes it’s time to get the loppers out and take to your stone fruit. For those of you that found it impossible to birdnet your out of control trees, you’ll be inspired to bring them in!

On that note, I’m hanging up my secateurs and am no longer offering a pruning service. If anyone knows of a brilliant fruit tree pruner in the Horowhenua/ Kapiti area I’d love the details to pass onto my customers.


  1. Sharon Batty says

    I have just moved to the area and have 15 years experience in pruning apple, citrus and pip fruit. I have done plenty of thinning as well! Any one interested in any pruning or thinning can contact me on email. I am working part time in a vineyard in Ohau.