October in the Orchard

Leaf curl

It’s too late to do anything – copper is wasted once the infection is showing, liquid seaweed every week or as often as you can manage is your best bet for tonic support. If its a full on infection, your tree may defoliate and have to produce a new set of leaves to support the fruits, so its super important to facilitate this.

Hanging strips of kelp in the branches will give your peach or plum a liquid feed every time it rains and if you are seaside kelp beneath the mulch is fab too. Don’t go rich with sheep pellets et all.

Collecting all the dropped funky leaves will help break the cycle – if you’ve got the time then this is excellent house keeping. If like me there is not even the remotest chance of this happening, do all the above and remember to copper at leaf fall.

Comfrey planting time is here!

Simply poke around the base of established comfrey plants and take root cuttings about 10cm long. Plant them into good compost where you want them to grow. If you live on sand or very heavy clay, its smart to give them a head start by planting the root cuttings into trays and growing them on a bit first before planting them out.

Prune back your tamarillos

Once you think the danger of frost is passed. I know the damaged leaves and mildew look unsightly but this extra cover is doing a good job of protecting the tender new shoots from frost damage, so don’t hurry this job! To prune take off all last year’s growth and any whitefly infected areas. Keep your tree short and stocky.

Citrus planting time is here!

October is perfect for getting subtropicals and citrus in. Choose a spot with lots of sun, fab shelter, no frost, free drainage and excellent soil. If either of these things are missing then put your energy in that direction over the coming year – all ready to plant next spring.