My next book

december bouquetDear friends

I can’t decide on the topic of my next book! So I’m asking you.

I’m tossing up between these two

A diary – month by month in the garden with recipes to use seasonal excess and all my monthly tips


The Abundant Vegie Patch! – a book covering all the basics that make a food garden hum – soil health, compost, greencropping, crop rotation, weeding, mulching that kind of thing.

I’d love to hear from you with your favourite!

Thanks for helping me out here.

Yours in the earth,


  1. Hey Kath,
    Great ideas, both. I’d be keen to see your book on the former idea first. Knowing what the prep, plant and harvest month by month in our seasons would be invaluable to me, as being time poor, I struggle to priotise tasks in the garden and end up with gluts and famines.
    Love the idea of Zoom consults too – will be in touch about this soon!

  2. Helen Burfield-Mills says

    Hi Kath, I love the idea of both of then! To answer your question I would like the diary first then the humming garden!
    I have found your pruning book invaluable!

    • Thanks Helen. That was my original plan and have been surprised that so far nearly everyone is pumping for the humming garden 🙂 Happy days Kath

  3. Judy Webby says

    Both sound great Kath, I have the booklet you did with the Levin branch of the NZ soil and health association in 2008., and refer to it often,, so think that an extension of that would be useful for all food gardeners

  4. Rachel Herriott says

    Oh! They both sound fantastic! I can’t wait to see what you decide 🙂