May in the Vegie Patch, Perennial Companions + Easy No Dig Beds

Compost piles in the perennial border around the vegie patch

Planting and harvesting slows right down this month making space for compost making. Make as much as you can for your spring gardens – theres nothing more satisfying! Sow peas, broadbeans and winter greencrops and plant another lot of leafy greens and brassicas to feed your family in spring. Then when all the doing is done, segue into a bit of garden dreaming. Are you putting in new beds or trees this winter? Where will they go? A bit of pondering in May is a good move.

Give your fruit trees a bit of love this month. Remove any training ties you put on in spring. Give young trees a wriggle to see if they are sturdy enough to go it alone. If so, remove the stakes. Independence is good – it makes stronger trees in the long run. If stakes are still needed, reposition them if rubbing, remove old ties and put on fresh ones in a new position. As leaves fall, get copper or a biological spray on.

Consider too, your pruning – its a big help to have a game plan before cutting begins. I had planned to be organised with pruning workshop dates for you, but alas I am not. Sorry folks. As soon as I’m sorted (which’ll be real soon, I promise!) I’ll put them up on the website, Instagram and Facebook – all the places.

Yours in the earth, ❤️Kath

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