March News from the Orchard

captainkidds2014The orchard is bedraggled and dry. The greywater system is not enough to keep the fruit trees going through really dry periods, so one day we will have to splash out on something a bit more serious.

A dry orchard is good for one thing only – pithy harvests and pear slug. Sometime this week I will flour those slimy critters into oblivion.

Yes flour. Toss it over the tree and it’s curtains. Especially good in the hot sun.

The ripe time

Seckle pear

Seckle pear

The first of the pears are close as close to eating as are the Cox’ Orange apples. Do you know the ripening times of your fruits? Its easy to miss them in this busy life and what a shame that is. After Cox in our orchard comes Lobo and Hetlina. After Beurre Bosc comes  Doyenne du Comice, Clergeau, Princess and Seckle. Luckily I’m up to date with my preserving or I would be having a panic attack just thinking of all this fruit. There is something to be said for the simplicity of growing a grape. Just pop it in your mouth. Done.

The only pears I know of that ripen fully on the tree are Seckle. For the rest get them off and pop them in the vegie bin of the fridge to finish ripening. Check them daily for that melting flesh experience that only a pear can bring.

Bulb planting time is here

Buff that spring understorey up with bulbs, bulbs and more bulbs! I have lots of beautiful Eerlicheer and King Alfred Daffs in bags of 10 for only $5.00. Come and see me at the Sustainable Home and Garden Show March 22/ 23 and buy yourself some.