Make an Autumn Compost and Plant a Winter Bounty

espalier quinceGreetings all,

There’s a few important jobs us food gardeners must take care of this month, and then, glory be, we can slow down a pace. Make as much compost as you can for your spring gardens, store and preserve your harvest in ways most useful to your family, and plant and sow the last of your winter/ spring crops.

Fabulous Fruit Trees is here on April 11th. Timed to coincide with planning for and the ordering of fruit trees. (You wouldn’t order fruit tree’s without making a plan first…. would you?!) Sarah Frater and I join forces to teach you how to make a smart plan, how to choose fruit that suits where you live and how to grow fabulous fruit! It’s my last workshop for a while, then I too am looking forward to quietening down for the colder months.

Yours in the earth,


PS Isn’t the espalier Quince a glorious sight