Magic Beans: Help Create this Cool App!

Check out this awesome app called Magic Beans – I love it! Its the vision of 2 Hawkes Bay women – Sarah and Anneliese, who believe that everyone has the right to fresh, healthy food that doesn’t cost the earth. Which is exactly what you + I are all about at Edible Backyard. Because we are so aligned, I’m hoping we’ll band together and help them build this app.

It’s a free, easy to use platform that connects home growers so they can trade produce and support each other. Imagine sourcing organic vegies and fruits this way! and having access to all the food gardeners in your hood – what a resource!

The fund raising campaign is here, on Pledge Me. It finishes on the 8th of October, so the time is now! If this floats your boat, hop on over and donate a little. Instead of buying me a coffee this month, put your dollars into this.

We’ve got 8 days to raise them up some $50,000. Sounds like alot, but all it would take is for each of us put in $5. If that’s too much, no worries – share it and get it out there. Amazing things are possible when we come together.

Hop onto their pledge me campaign and be the change, my friends. Lets get them over the line and get their app built.


  1. brilliant book Kath just the perfect launching time to get over the chilly weather ..very cool its a sell out..soo much thought and effort on your part ..big fan here

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