Lucky Last Pruning Workshop

Enjoying a fresh picked apple

And its tomorrow! As in Friday 2nd August. 10 – 1. In my garden, Levin. We’ve got 5 spaces left.

Here’s the drill:

A workshop to boost your pruning confidence. Good pruning = good fruiting!

Compact and productive fruit trees can happen  Though the best (and simplest) time to start is when trees are young – wild and woolly trees can be tamed too.

We’ll begin the day with all the basics: Tools, when to prune, choosing a shape, the power of training (not cutting), Years 1-4 and morning tea. Then if its fine I’ll demo on older trees, and we’ll have a go in my orchard.

If its wet we’ll stay put on the deck and practice on tree size prunings!

Take home my pruning notes, and enjoy a homemade morning tea and cup of coffee.

Wear your gumboots, rug up warm and bring your raincoat.

Pruning Fruit Trees: A Beginners Guide will be available for sale for $25. Cash only, and the right change earns brownie points!

Book in

Tickets are $70.

Ticket sales are closed, but if you want to join in contact me here.


  1. Michele Morris-Denize says

    Love the edible kitchen website.
    Very disappointed I cant get to the popular workshops, As they are already BOOKED OUT…
    More workshops so everyone can get there-please.

    • Sad you missed Michele! Yes they fill quick so if you see one jump in right away and book. Best way to find out is my newsletter – this is where I announce new workshops as I plan them. happys days Kath