Last of the Late Summer Sunflowers

This gorgeous honey of a flower is one of the last of the Evening Sun sunflowers (sown late summer). I love the muted wintry tones (in summer the petals are deep brown or red). Inspires philosophy, don’t you agree?

I entreat you (however trite the words be) to think that life is not empty nor made for nothing, and that the parts of it fit one into another in some way, and that the world goes on – beautiful and strange and dreadful and worshipful” —  William Morris

Evening sun sunflower


  1. Hi Kath. This stunning beauty has me resolved to plant sunflowers in my own garden this coming season. I love the glorious subtle shades of the faded winter bloom.

    And by the way… this new website is just fabulous! Keep up the good work.

    • Evening Sun Sunflowers are one of my enduring all time favourites, being smaller than other sunflowers they make a lovely bouquet for a pressy.