Keeping the birds off your fruit

birdnet your applesThere is only one sure way to keep the birds off your fruit – and that’s to bird net. I write this today because this is the question on your lips, and you’re all so disgruntled when I answer bird net! Why do you all hate bird net so much? I love it! The whole point of all this food growing is to feed you and your loved ones. Are the birds your loved ones? No, I thought not.

Once those blessed birds have feasted at your place, you’ll be on all the bird maps as the best food in the district in March – all the more reason to keep them out. Here’s how:

  • Keep an eye on your trees and at the first bird peck, cover it over.
  • You need good quality net. Cheap net will tear, and holy bird net is not helping your cause. You want something with integrity, so you can use it many times over. I recommend Redpath. You name the size and they’ll cut it.
  • I use 6mx6m squares which fit pretty well over 3m-ish trees.
  • If you’re a shorty like me then get a broom. You also need a helper (preferably a tall one). Stand on either side of the tree and lift the net over, using the brush part to lift the net (the handle will go through the holes silly!) Be gentle to avoid knocking off fruit and breaking laterals (although a few broken laterals is no biggie)
  • Use clothes pegs to clip together any flaps or holes, and weight the bottom of the net.

( I am presuming you have nicely managed 3m trees. If not, then you’re on your own – well you and all those beloved birds.)


  1. I short friend with a second broom is also helpful!!!!!