Winter Greens, Fruit Tree Care + Healthy Chooks

crafty gatherer tool belt ediblebackyard nz
Crafty Gatherer tool belt. NZ made awesome -ness.

Are you ready to prune?! Hang out with your fruit trees this month and get ready in the best of ways with a pre prune ponder. Having a virtual run through is super helpful, especially if you’re still finding your pruning feet.

While you wait for your trees to loose their leaves get your tools sorted – clean, sharp and ready to go! Not only dreamy to use, but sharp tools are essential for clean cuts. A clean cut with a tidy edge leaves no place for bacteria to stick to = wholeness + strength for all.

If your looking for a tool belt – these Crafty Gatherer ones are the bees knees. Guaranteed to make you feel like a total pro. 😉 

Yours in the earth,
❤️ Kath

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