January is Citrus Feeding Time!

grapefruitsIt’s citrus feeding time! Especially important for those of you in the lower half of the North Island (or anywhere that’s marginal for citrus) to give new seedlings a good old leg up. Get them growing strong while the weather is warm, so they are bigger and bolder for when they need to take on the winter. Remove any fruits that are setting if your tree is under two years old. I’m giving my one year old citrus a dose of rotten pig manure, a shovel of compost and some grassy mulch. Keep the weeds away to remove competition for nutrients (just lay wet newspaper on top and mulch on top of that). Make sure they don’t dry out ok.

hawerasEnjoy the plum harvest! Get them in as soon as they start to drop or the birds start hooking into them. Quite a lot of ours have split due to natures inconsistent watering schedule – a baking hot dry November followed by lots of rain in December. This we can do nothing about but eat, bake and preserve like silly – reserving the intact plums for eating later.