Is Labour weekend the right time to plant summer crops?

zuchinni in bottomless bucketIn my garden, at the foot of the Tararua ranges in the lower north island the answer is definately no!

It was chilly yesterday. I wore a beanie and thought of all those people planting their tomatoes and shivered on their behalf (the tomatoes I mean). Summer crops are just that – summer crops! Summer = consistent warmth (day and night.) They thrive in warmer, drier soils. When you stop sitting by the fire at night and start sitting outside on the deck to enjoy your cuppa tea that’s tomato, cucurbit, basil and pepper planting time.

If per chance you were seduced by all the advertising and bought summer crops and planted out this weekend; and if you are now thinking wops perhaps I leapt in, perhaps it’s a bit early – never fear I have solutions. Either build a shelter around and above them (see my zuchinni inside an old bucket with its bottom cut off) OR dig them up, repot into the next size up container and bring them under cover until the weather settles a bit.

Just what is the hurry? (Can anyone tell me?)


  1. Such wise words.