Inspired In October

Quince blossomGet Inspired This October!

October 21st is my one and only Open Day for the year.

October 28th “The Abundant Vegie Patch” (my favourite workshop!), is off on another adventure. I’m super excited to be bringing it to Ruth’s Gardens in Helensville. Grab the chance – I’m coming to you Auckland!

The Background Hum To My Life

The food gardens are turning over a new leaf (looking a little too tidy and a wee bit empty) as they prepare to grow and give again. The first of the summer crops are going in in the greenhouse and were living off winter stores and shoulder season crops like leeks, beetroot, fennel, loads of leafy greens and (happy happy joy joy) asparagus.

I often get asked how I do it all (as if the garden were a chore!) The truth is growing food is like breathing for me – it’s vital. It’s the background hum to my life – informing and inspiring me, grounding me, keeping me present to life’s small delights and bringing me best food every day. No, not a chore, but an out and out pleasure! And boy do I feel blessed to be able to do it, to have the choice.

Yours in the earth