In The Chookyard – Dustbath, Fresh Ground + A Video


Fresh Ground

Where are your chickens hanging out at the mo? I hope they’re not on muddy, bare ground… Unless your chooks are free ranging over a large area, it’s super important to move them about. Make it a two for one deal and get them  on the job. My chooks are gainfully employed – weeding/ fertilising/ bug hunting in the berryhouse. Fresh ground for them, spring preps for me. Love a win-win.

The Importance Of A Dustbath


This is where all the action happens in the chookyard – every afternoon – group dustbath! It’s a chook’s version of a shower and is super important for keeping them parasite free and their feathers clean. They wriggle down into the dust, flick it all over themselves, duck (or should that be chook?) ‘n dive, fluff up, peck and preen … fun viewing 🙂

Part of being a good chook mum is to provide a dry, sunny space for this to happen. We’ve put a roof over top of the food + drink bit and fill it with sawdust once a year. Perfect for bathing and lounging in (if you are a chicken!)