How To Prune & Delateral Tomatoes

Feb Tomatoes

A single leader tomato is a fine thing. Easy to stake. Easy to pick. Easy to spot pests. Easy to spray. Plenty of airflow and sun for good health.

The goal is a nice balance of foliage and fruits – a little heavier on the fruit side is my preference. To this end, once flower production starts leave off nitrogen liquid feeds or fertilisers.

Prune off ( I prefer to snap them off with my fingers) bottom leaves as they get yellow. Prune off any foliage blocking light to fruits and get rid of those laterals to keep your tomato a single leader.

How To Delateral

Laterals are the growths that appear in the tomatoes armpits (thanks Hannah Zwartz for this apt description :)) And its a twice/ three times a week job snapping them off. Here’s one in the photo below. Now you see it…

tomato lateral


Now you don’t

lateral pruned