How to grow kumara shoots


kumara shoot

The journey to a boomer crop of kumara begins with shoots or tipu. Start them growing now, in early spring.

The shoots are grown on a kumara, and this kumara is so special its called the mother.

Mother kumara

Choose your mother with care. Select a firm, organically grown kumara with no rots. She doesn’t need to be huge, middle sized is perfect.

Lay the mother kumara in a sandbox

Spread river sand on the bottom of a pot or box and reverently lay in mother kumara. Cover her over with sand and gently moisten. She needs to be kept toasty warm about 20 degrees. I sit her on the heatpad in the greenhouse with the tomatoes and peppers.

Sandbox with mother kumara n a heatpad at Ediblebackyard

Keep the box moist (not wet) and shoots will soon appear.

kumara shoots

Homegrown kumara shoots are easy as pie.

If you run out of time to grow your own, no worries you’ll find them at various garden centres mid-spring.