Hope Seeds

Monarch on zinniaA quick little shout out to these guys at Hopeseeds who brings us a heartfelt fundraising opportunity for your community.

Mark Adcock created Hopeseeds after reading an article in newspaper about the national shortage of swan plants and the starving monarch caterpillars. He saw a connection with the life cycle and metamorphosis of a caterpillar with the struggle and challenges youth face navigating the difficult adolescent years and NZ’s terrible suicide rates.

Through the sale of swan plant seeds he hopes to raise awareness of both and funding for community projects.

The money from each pack sold goes three ways – a bit to Monarch butterfly trust, just over 50% to the fundraisee and the final bit to NZ youthline.

3 great causes at once – too good. And best of all, no baking or sausages in sight.

Check them out here.