Here come the apples!

We’ve just finished all the Early Strawberries and are starting in on the Maclears. Eat a fresh picked apple and you feel the good vibe in every cell. The very first apples I ever grew I couldn’t bear to pick them – they looked so gorgeous on the tree.Of course they over-cooked and were soft by the time I could bring myself to pick them (every day makes a big difference).

While you are learning your trees – just pick one apple, taste it, then decide whether to pick them all. In fact, not all your apples will be ready together – the outside ones ready first. It can take up to 2 weeks for all of them to be ready. This is the joy of being a home gardener, we are under no pressure to harvest them in one go.

When to harvest your apples

First harvest tip – the undercolour is very important. Going from dark green, to pale green to shades of yellow. By tasting you’ll know which undercolour for which variety eg: Early Strawberry is light green.

Second harvest tip – when the apple comes away from the tree easily. Cup the apple and lift it up, if its ready you wont feel it parting from the tree.

Third tip – they’ll start dropping. Although they can be over done by this time… Aim to get them while they are crisp and juicy – homegrown apples are out of this world!

beautiful homegrown apples in a basket, straight from the tree