Growing Food – your way, and my Spring Workshops

spring in the orchardGreetings gardeners,

Workshop season’s here again. I’m out and about a bit, as well as at home teaching. Here they are – my spring workshops, my offerings to you and your food garden.

There are loads of ways to grow food – take your pick! Square foot, biointensive, no dig …  Permaculture is my favourite because it’s loaded with common sense and creates a strong foundation for your food garden. My friends Gary and Emily are teaching at a 2 week live in Permaculture Design Course in the beautiful Otaki Gorge, this October.

There is of course no right way, there’s just your way (kept generously, respectfully open to other ways). Though my ways are based in permaculture, they’re a mishmash of styles. I’ve picked my favourite bits, put them together and got in my own groove. I hope to help you find yours.

Yours in the earth,