Growing baby greens

baby leavesI’m a big fan of direct sowing. It makes sense, it’s what annuals were born to do. Rootcrops, coriander, rocket, beans and peas all hate being mucked around and prefer to get straight to the point, to be sown where they’ll be grown. Saladings are the same. Although they swing both ways – able to be transplanted or direct sown, they do better when sown in situ. They’re ready sooner and, I think, taste sweeter. The main reason to tray sow and transplant later is to buy some time, giving you an extra week or two or three with which to empty and prepare the next bed.

These sweet little leaves were direct sown, thickly. My idea – to create a cut and come again microgreen without the fuss of the tray. There is something about harvesting little leaves with herb scissors, sweet crunchy little numbers for your salads and sandwiches. This nursery of baby Summer Queens has been a big hit. Do try.