Good Things Take Time


The evolution of soil from clay to well drained, gorgeous growing stuff is a delight. From despair to joy! Check in with your soil before you start planting this August, because this time of year is a good tell of how your soil health is. If it’s not ready, don’t rush into it.  Plant in boxes or pots until it dries out. If you are looking after it (crop rotation, greencrops, mulch etc) – it wont always be this way.

In years gone by my soil would be pretty sticky right about now. Too sticky for working in for fear of further damage. Steadily it’s improved over the years courtesy of my favourite tool the broadfork, regular additions of organic matter and a steady diet of greencrops. Now the water moves through, allowing me to direct sow and plant at this time of year. Soil health and drainage go hand in hand.

If you’re August soil is sticky, boggy or another version of – take heart! You’ll get there! Good things take time.

Yours in the earth,