Get your Summer Crops dressed for Autumn

pepper harvestThere is a very simple thing you can do right now to keep your summer crops believing in summer, to keep them suspended in a state of summery bliss – warm your soil. Cooling off begins with nights and mornings, the soil following soon after; and once those heat lovers get cold feet it’s all over – production hits ground zero. Keep them going by dressing them in some woolly socks (an essential part of the cold morning kit.)

Nothing produces soil heat like high microbial action. Cause a bit of friction with a layer of grass clippings or comfrey leaves or some juicy seaweed (better yet a mixture) beneath the mulch. If you’re only using grass then just a layer; not a big, thick ammonia producing wodge. Keep your finger in the soil and top it up as you need to, working it into the previous lot with your fingers to avoid a crust forming.



  1. That sounds rather cunning. I’ll take any little advantage nature will offer up. Gonna need more comfrey plants 🙂