Get Ready For Psyllids

Tomato with TPPBoy, did we panic about psyllids when they first arrived on our shores. And rightly so! Our tomato and potato crops got hammered as we figured out how to cope with them. And figure it out we did. We’ve got it sorted! So moving on from the panic, let’s make like a scout – Be Prepared.

Expect to see signs of them this month or next. My best advice is get ready – be one step ahead of the little blighters.

2 Things To Buy

  1. Buy Neem. It’s your best bet against psyllids (and all other suckers and mites). We love Neem so much because it nails the psyllids, but keeps the beneficial insects safe. A preventative November spray with Neem on your tomatoes is a good idea if psyllids ravaged your crop last year.
  2. Buy crop covers. To keep psyllids out the mesh needs to be 0.6mm. This size mesh also keeps carrot fly out – joy oh joy! Crop covers work brilliantly for any crop where regular lifting of the cover is not required, ie perfect for potatoes.

ladybird on buckwheat2 Things To Do

  1. Build up your beneficial insect population – ladybug, hover fly and lacewing being top of the list. This means a spray free environment, year round nectar and wild areas for habitat.
  2. Go over any tomato plants you get given with a fine tooth comb! Check for eggs, nymphs and sugars.


  1. Help, what’s wrong with my raspberry plant?
    I have a photo but can’t seem to attach, the leaves are a red/brown colour