Get off to a flying start with your spring garden

august in the potagerOfficially it’s the last month of winter, but August always feels like spring to me. The bulbs are blooming, the Paniculata flowering and calves are up and running in the paddocks next door – nature’s reminders that the energy is rising. Catch the wave, and get a jump start on your spring food garden.

Soils are cold at this time of year. Hardy winter crops like peas and broadbeans like it that way, but more tender crops like lettuce and potatoes need their air and soil a bit warmer.

The simplest way to do this is to put up a cloche, jimmy up a car windscreen, or cobble together some old windows. The best though is a small greenhouse. (You’ll never regret the investment) Keep it simple and cheap and build your own using recycled windows or a sheet of plastic wrapped round a timber frame. Make sure you can ventilate it (especially if it’s small). You’ll find it heats up easy enough, it’s cooling it down that’s the challenge. A couple of roof vents and at least one side that opens completely will keep it healthy through summer.

Set your cloches up now and warm the soils for a week or so before planting or sowing under them.

To really get off to a flying start in your foodie patch this spring come along to my spring workshop , hope to see you there!

Yours in the earth



  1. It is a different story in Wellington… it has got colder and wetter. Feels like Winter has arrived and set in – bulbs are up but not flowering since the cold snap a few weeks ago… everything has taken an intake of breath and waiting for some warmth to exhale.
    Looking forward to the warmth!!!