Fodda Fertiliser Giveaway!

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This giveaway s now closed …. we have a winner!! Tracey Scott – congradulations! A bag of Fodda coming your way.

Here’s a fertiliser that I’m thinking is pretty fine. So fine I’m giving a shout out to you guys about it, and the chance to win yourself a 5kg bag!

Fodda is a heart warming, kiwi-can-do story. Dianne Pilcher runs a cafe in the Bay of Islands, and was feeling blue about wasting all the nutritious organic coffee grounds, so she set about finding a way to turn them into fertiliser. She took her ideas to soil scientist Andreas Kurman and together they developed Fodda. Their shared passion for looking after the earth means Fodda is fertiliser with a conscious. It’s good stuff.

There’s a few things I really like about Fodda.

  • Thumbs up for recycling nutritious waste – organic coffee grounds and koi carp (a pest in Waikato rivers)
  • Mineral balance for strong soils
  • Ground rock is NZ sourced
  • Paper bags, yes!
Fodda in hand

Win a 5kg bag of Fodda Natural Fertiliser!

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Winner is randomly drawn on Friday April 5th. Offer only available in NZ.


  1. Trish Sarr says

    Thanks for reminding me about green crops – and good help with the HOW, of course. I treasure your posts Kath. Can’t wait to try Fodda!

  2. Colleen Henry says

    Achieving a daily winter harvest takes a little more fore thought than a summer one. That’s because we need to bust a move and get our crops in before it cools down – the hour is now!
    Plant regularly for fresh vegetables over winter.

  3. Anna Wilson-Goldman says

    Thanks for the tips on growing a green manure crop – I didn’t know to mulch after planting!

  4. Sandra Rhodda says

    Thanks for pointing out that mulch and seaweed are great for celery. We have plenty of mulch – a friend gives all his grass clippings from a huge section and they disappear into our soil in days, but I have never thought of putting them around the celery. I will do that today – after we go up the beach (we live on the West Coast near Greymouth) to pick up some seaweed that is bound to have washed up in our overnight blow. Thanks again!

  5. Kristen Barry says

    Dig up kumera now as the mornings and evenings are cooling- I was waiting for them to turn yellow! Thanks- I think you saved my crop!

  6. I love the sound of this fertiliser. Anything that helps get rid of those carp and helps my garden is great. Also recommend your pruning class – you may remember advising me to try opening out a plum tree that always produced bladder plums. Well we did and this year picked 55kg of the most amazing huge red plums. Would have pulled the tree out without your advice! So many thanks

  7. Bronwyn Ward says

    Reminder to get a green crop in! Bought some seed a few months ago but had completely forgotten about it….

  8. Shari Wheeler says

    My favourite tip is about pumpkin harvesting. Normally I wouldn’t bother reading about pumpkins because I haven’t had success in the past at growing them but this year I have a beauty that’s self sown! I can’t wait to harvest it, thanks to your tip about waiting for the stem to dry off I’m going to be patient.

  9. Catherine Hunter says

    My fave tip is staggering brassica planting to get a ongoing supply, This is something I’m trying to achieve with my veg garden.

  10. I’’lol have to go with your article on Green Crops. So often mentioned but never really described assuming everyone knows how to go about it. Better yet, sounds pretty easy. (Raspberry truffles is a close second)

  11. Jean Taylor says

    I like the tip about the seaweed on celery, I will be trying it as I have celery all ready in and growing, with more to follow, hope that the seeds grow as this is Chinese celery.

  12. Sue Crampton says

    My summer vege patch has been much neglected but after hubby harvested our remaining potatoes yesterday your newsletter has reminded and motivated me to get out there and try something over winter…..though need to decide what will work in Christchurch frosts best!

  13. Judy Webby says

    So birds don’t eat lupin seed! That is good to know

  14. Nydia Castle says

    Love the idea of planting celery in the glasshouse! Hadn’t thought of that…. I thought I didn’t have room for celery! I’ll be using your tip for pulling whole toms out and hanging upside down to make room for the celery! Top tips!

  15. Lyne Kearns says

    I needed the gentle reminder to pull out my old tomato plants that are just taking up space that some leafy green veges crop could go in. Thanks for the heads up on fodda!

  16. Great tip to pull out tomato plants and hang them upside down whilst the fruit matures, giving me more room to sow my next lot of crops. Thank you!

  17. I appreciated in the April In The Vegie Patch section your tips about brassicas, in particular the tip about growing under trees and the weekly liquid feed (which I often always forget).

  18. Shyree Reedy says

    The reminder of all the fab things to plant in Autumn!!!

  19. Lesley Lord says

    Ah, Broccoli Raab. I have just ordered some. Brilliant, thanks!

  20. Donna Hansby says

    The brew from your herbal border consisting of buckwheat,yarrow,meadowsweet,parsley and dandelion scattered over your green crop is a great idea.
    It will help retain moisture and rot down as mulch once plants have come up and help keep the birds from dugging the ground.
    Im going out soon to sow my last lot of bare ground iwith lupin and will go and gather the mulch from what I know ive got ie spent parsley,lupins,linseed and echum. and scatter lightly over pressed in greencrop.Thankyou for an always down to earth and informative news letter.
    My broadfork I purchased from you years ago is still in great form.

  21. Tracey Scott says

    The tip about what to do with sunflowers and corn is GOLD Kath! I will put them under my feijoa trees, when it stops raining here in Upper Hutt 🙂

  22. Daina Gloyn says

    I needed the reminder to get a green manure crop in on some of my big beds, great to see a how-to as well.

  23. Janey Carr says

    Was good to know the birds don’t eat the lupins. I’ve planted mixed greens before and they’ve disappeared. Off to plant some now!

  24. Michelle de la Rey says

    How to avoid chocolate spot and rust in Broadbeans, never to old to learn something. Thanks for the newsletter, always helpful.

  25. Gareth Griffiths says

    Liquid fertiliser on the garden monthly… that’s a schedule I can handle. Thanks.

  26. Russ Harp says

    I liked the tip about the Rigamonti Passata machine. It sounds like something I need. I’ve checked the weblink out. 😊

  27. Margaret McQuillan says

    Raspberry truffles…….that’s all I have to say. Mmmmmmmmmmmm

  28. Helen Hancox says

    My favourite tip is the Lupin planting – I’m aware of rotation planting and had left it to the “other” gardener to organise. I did it myself this time and its looking good so far – well it has only been 2 hours. Ha!!

  29. Trish Knight says

    Three staples for winter – I dont normally plant anything much in winter so will try the three staples – and i love celery in pumpkin soup – it makes it taste amazing.

  30. Gina Jives says

    I like the sounds of this fertiliser mix, especially as it uses NZ sourced rock- I learnt from you that typically garden rock phosphate isn’t sourced in an ethically nor environmentally sustainable fashion. Creating our own fertiliser blends isn’t something I had thought of doing. When you haven’t soil tested, I often wonder the best organic fertiliser to use, for when you are amending your soil before and after planting, bearing in mind you are generally after mineral balance, as you mentioned this ‘fodda’ has. Mostly people suggest sheep pellets + compost to be best….
    I am keen to use this fodda at any rate. Thanks

    • Love to hear how you get on with it Gina. Yes kiwis are mad on sheep pellets! Must be our farming genes :). And manure has its place, its fab for building humus. My preference is my own collected manure but its not always possible. The thing missing is mineral balance – Fodda certainly ticks all the boxes here.

  31. Andrina cimino says

    Thanks for your our winter crop email. I was really struggling with how to start our winter garden. Especially good reminder about all the greens!!

  32. Thanks for your winter planting plan! Easy and a great reminder of keeping the fresh food coming through winter.

  33. Lisa Bennett says

    I’ve always struggled with celery rust – I had no idea planting it under cover would have helped prevent it! Thanks 🙂 Also, I’m super keen on your Wairarapa fruit tree pruning workshop.

    • Yay! + banging soil + liquid seaweed = lovely celery. Let me know how you get on. Were just working up our details so I’ll let you know when we have a plan 🙂

  34. Stephanie Mitchell says

    Hi Kath. I found your blog when I goggled “when to harvest kumara nz” and I’m really glad that I did! I’m a first time kumara grower (well, gardener really) and when I read your post about what time of year to harvest the tubers, I knew I had to do it ASAP. Much to your advice of “the only harvest you need your skates on for is kumara. If nights are cooling off at your place, get it up now” which I will do pronto. Unfortunately it rained here in the Waikato, so I’m hoping for two or three days of sunshine and then I can harvest the crop.

    I really like the sound of the Fodder Natural Fertiliser, as I am sure my grandad will as well, as he loves his vege garden very much. If I win, I will be delighted to give him the prize, as his crop is much bigger than mine!!

  35. Maleta Knight says

    Thanks Kath. Better get out there & harvest the rest of the pumpkins!
    They grew themselves in the chook run this year but a few have been ‘tasted’ by the girls….
    I will definitely be coming back to your site for more tips & inspiration, thanks 🙂 fantastic job

  36. Karen Cressey says

    It was fantastic to read that I could sow green manure crops in just the bare patches available. I thought I had to devote an entire garden bed and couldn’t figure out how I was going to achieve this. LOOOOVE your blog.

  37. Elaine Engman says

    Fodda fertalizer sounds amazing. Are there any plans to stock it in the Kapiti Coast of do you plan to sell it?


  38. Tracey of Sunny Ōtaki says

    Hey Kath. This new-fangled Fodda sounds as if it may replace my fast-diminishing bucket of Roksolid – dregs from local store’s bulk stock. Looking forward to winning a (paper!) bag of Fodda to trial…once I’ve finished painting my whare, I can really get stuck into my temporarily abandoned veggie patch. Promise.

  39. Love your blog. Am starting a new garden now our new home is complete. This Fodda sounds great for my new garden beds. Thanks for the heads up on the passatta machine, have checked out their site.

  40. Sophie Campbell says

    Thanks for expelling all your knowledge to us keen gardeners – one thing i have leapt into in the last 6 months has been companion plantings especially marigolds – now i have bought some calendula seeds from Setha’s Seeds & i can’t wait to sow these after the next new moon.
    You’re a wealth of knowledge and inspiration and needless to say i really need to try the Fodda!!

  41. Rochelle Berry says

    Thanks for the tip about not sowing broad beans till spring to avoid rust and chocolate spot – my last few crops have been a bit munted.

  42. Green manure – I’m a strong advocate of planting it in bare spaces.
    And I love the idea of putting the cut manure crop over the seeds sown. Continuing the cycle