Last of the Late Summer Sunflowers

This gorgeous honey of a flower is one of the last of the Evening Sun sunflowers (sown late summer). I love the muted wintry tones (in summer the petals are deep brown or red). Inspires philosophy, don’t you agree? I entreat you (however trite the words be) to think that life is not empty nor made […]

Feeding Beneficial Insects

What’s getting ready to bloom in your winter garden? What are you feeding your beneficial insects this winter? What will be feeding your soul through the darker colder months? Flowers are such a gift! This is Anise Hyssop. Fragrant, edible, medicinal, gorgeous – she’s like one of those people who seemingly have it all.  

Remember to stop and observe

“How very necessary it is to train ourselves to observe the natural beauty around us so that in the exuberance of our beautification schemes we shall not do things that disturb and eventually destroy the landscape… seldom if ever do we achieve the quiet perfection of natures plantings…” Edna Walling.