Don’t Weed, Cultivate.


Weed season begins, and today I hope to inspire you to a life without weeding. It’s time for you to relegate the hard work, on your knees, ripping out great hunks of weed kind of weeding to the past. It’s joyless. It ruins your soil, your back and the crops that struggle to grow through them.

Get those weedy beds under control by piling organic matter on top, and leaving it to rot down. There after get a hoe, and use it often.

“Too many growers consider hoeing to be a treatment for weeds, and thus they start too late. Hoeing should be considered a means of prevention. In other words don’t weed, cultivate… Large weeds are competition for both the crop and the grower” Eliot Coleman, The New Organic Grower

Treat yourself, take hoe in hand in the peace of the evening. A lovely job at the end of a busy day. If you cultivate often the weeds will be so tiny you can hoe one handed, leaving the other hand free for a beer!