Consults Are Back!

You’ve been so patient while you waited for me to finish my book – and here I am – happy as a clam to be out from the computer and ready to help you set up a brilliant food garden, or trouble shoot an existing one – whatever you need.

I’m no longer travelling to Wellington or the Wairarapa – those of you who live further afield can catch up with me online via a video consult. If you live between Paekakariki and Palmerston North, you can get a consult in the flesh.

Kath is so practical and “down to earth”. After some pre-visit planning she was able to focus on our long list of questions and responded with positive, helpful advice.  She wasn’t fazed by our largish block with many gardening challenges and together we worked out a manageable plan. Kath has a wealth of knowledge to tap into and no matter how experienced a gardener is, one can always learn better or easier ways to do things. Her regular E-newsletter is also something I always enjoy.”

— John & Diane Baldwin.

Take your food garden next level

A consult is 90 minutes. You and me, in your edible garden, or mine. Practical, down to earth advice personalised to you and your garden.

  • An experienced ear to find the problem and solve it.
  • A way forward. To make your life easier and your garden strong.
  • A shot of inspiration, to encourage you along and get you growing!

Expert help for fruit trees, vegetable gardens, wind shelter, natives, chooks and companion plants – whatever you need, where ever you’re at – I’ll take your food garden to the next level.

  • For a smart plan, personalised to you, and enough “how to’s” to get you there
  • To improve an existing garden – let’s tweak your set up and get your garden humming
  • Turn your lifestyle block from a millstone to a joy with savvy design
  • Help you prune your fruit trees
  • For all your edible garden questions – you’ve got me for an hour and a half!

Book a garden consult here, and a video consult here.

Thank you so much for the consult yesterday! You were right, the hour and half flies by! I feel very excited about the garden. It will look gorgeous! I love the plan you came up with for us and I am very much looking forward to building a beautiful healthy productive garden. Thank you for the garden design and all the excellent information. We were at a loss of where and how to begin and I no longer feel that way. It is fantastic to be able to go forward with a plan

−− Kezia Page-Sinclair


  1. Christine Pawson says

    Hello Kath,
    You mentioned you put untreated hessian on your carrots to protect them while you are waiting for the seed to come up. Do you know where you can buy suitable hessian cloth for this purpose from?
    Many Thanks,
    Christine Pawson

    • I just reuse sacks Christine. Also doesn’t have to be hessian – any fabric yoyu have lying around will do – an old sheet or bit of shadecloth.

  2. Lee Andre says

    Hi Kath,

    Re your book. Is it available to the public yet? How do we get a copy?



    • Just finished writing so its a few months away before being ready, but never fear Lee – it’ll be all over my newsletter and website when it arrives 🙂