Chooks Workshop

Come along and learn how to run a healthy, organic flock (no pellets required). We’ll be talking design, breeds, chook herbs, a natural chook breakfast, solving basic chook problems and most importantly how to lovingly cull. Two places left, so register today!

April 12 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm | $65.00

Chooks fit into an edible backyard like honey in tea. They tick lots of boxes for the edible gardener – organic fertiliser providers, expert bug hunters and a free weeding service – all this and eggs too!

Learn how:

to create a smart chicken design at your place,
to feed them organically eg: soaked grains, comfrey, milk,
to run a chook tractor,
to heal some common chook problems naturally (worms, scaly leg, mites, lice),
to handle a chook and clip its wings.

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