Bountiful Spring

Abundant vegie patch

My Spring In The Vegie Patch workshop has had a facelift! I’ve chucked in citrus + fruit trees + lunch! As per usual it’ll be full on … inspiration plus 🙂

Here’s The Low Down

Today is all about growing yourself a bounty!, about key tasks that make a big difference. Jam packed this workshop is – vegies, citrus, fruit, soil health – we’ll sort your spring garden out and get summer off to a flying start!

In The Vegie Patch

  • weeds – my spray free, back injury free ways!
  • what to sow/ plant next (snappy crop rotation and intercropping ideas to keep your patch productive)
  • who needs feeding (what with and how much)
  • how the right soil temperature is going to save you!
  • here come the suckers! – how to use Neem for good effect
  • potato growing tips + how to be psyllid free
  • divine homegrown asparagus
  • yams in containers
  • best beetroot
  • how to hit summer running – important (yet surprisingly simple) preparations for tomatoes, pumpkins and corn

Super Soil

  • spring compost tips + tricks
  • find out why I love EM so much

Get Fruity

  • planning citrus plantings
  • beautiful biological sprays for fruit trees

… all  the seasonal tasks, heaps of cunning tips! We’ll share morning tea, a yummy home made lunch + you get an amazing set of notes to take home.

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