Boost Your Gardens Resilience

self seeded leafys - endive, cress, chickweed

We caught the edges of the tornado that rioted through Levin the other week. It smashed our lettuces to smithereens and the brassicas are a little worse for wear but the thick carpets of self seeded leafy’s – endive, kale, parsley, perpetual beet, cress, rocket, chicory, chickweed – soldiered on. Once again, they save the day.

Diversity is the name of the game! It’s what brings us dinner – no matter what the weather does. It is the cornerstone of our gardens resilience.

  • Mix it up! Plant a variety of varieties in mixed plantings to avoid big blocks of one
  • Include loads of perennials – these are the backbone of the garden in so many ways
  • Let all your favourite leafys go to seed. Year on year the seed adapts and grows in strength. And strong is what we seek in this wild climate we find ourselves in.

This month, wander your land and notice all the spaces that could be more diverse, ergo more resilient – more food and habitat for bees and beneficials, more groundcover in spaces where weeds rule the roost and more variety where there is only one. Then have fun, go shopping and plant them all up.

Yours in the earth


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