Boost The Biology In Your Orchard

kays peach seedling 3 yr

These three missions take your fruit tree management to the next level. Prevention via a robust system really works!

A Super Spray

Make a super-brew to spray over your trees when about half the leaves have fallen. Mix EM, Neem and Fish together and spray generously – bark, limbs, ground beneath, the lot. You’re building  (as in “Rome wasn’t built in a day” type building), an army here. A crew of beneficial organisms to out-manoeuvre and out-compete detrimental fungi and bacteria. These fellas will speed decomposition so that leaf litter and fruit mummies disappear by spring when they become potentially dangerous. They also provide a boost to ‘good’ fungi for balanced nutrition. The oil will smother mites et all hiding out in the bark.

A Beneficial Mow

Lightly sprinkle lime over top of fallen leaves and mow, leaving the clippings where they fall as a wonderful nurture for your orchard floor.

Time to Mulch

Release the base of your trees and mulch them. You really don’t need to put your back out (and disturb the soil kingdom) by digging the grass out. Just lay cardboard or newspaper on top and cover with whatever debris you’ve got to hand. Should your tree roots be beneath a living mulch of comfrey you can skip this job – the comfrey’s got it covered.

Little jobs with big outcomes.