August Vegies + Fruit Trees + Gratitude

Hard to believe, but after all these years, I still love putting this newsletter together! I love giving you the tools + timings to grow an awesome patch so you can nourish yourselves with real food. But more than that, I love our beautiful planet … and your spray free, humus rich backyard is just what it needs.

Yip, it’s all the humus we’re building together that jazzes me out. Don’t underestimate it nor the part you are playing here. Humus is the energy hub of life on earth – holding carbon, increasing nutrient exchange, cleaning water + air and providing a home for soil life.

Small but mighty, soil life is the axis on which all life on our blue planet turns. We’ve bashed the heck out of it with our chemical sprays and tilling ways, but you + me + the growing tide of organic growers + our spray-free, humus-rich backyards – we’re bringing it back!

So thanks heaps for coming along for the ride. Shout out to all of you who buy me a coffee. Those coffees pay for the newsletter send out… you keep this newsletter going and available to everybody! 🙏

Whether you share what you learn here with your community or buy me a coffee or build your babies some strong bodies + minds with your kick ass, spray free vegetables – its all going to the same place, my friends – healing our planet, our bodies + minds. Am I stretching it here? … world peace springing from our organic food gardens.

Yours in the earth with gratitude ❤️ Kath


  1. Thank you Helen!