August in the Chookyard

Chooks that had an autumn moult will be back on the lay and needing good protein in their food. Pellets are a complete food, but if like me you are trying to get away from the pellets then what do you do for protein? My chooks get fed sprouted grains, raw milk/ yoghurt and a few times a week they get meat scraps; as well as getting regularly moved to fresh ground.

Chickens are not vegetarians! The protein is very important – it replaces the bugs and worms they would be eating were they in the wild. This most gruesome photo shows some ideas: mice from the trap, meat scraps, bones to pick (no chicken please), fish scraps, worms from the worm farm, slugs, excess milk or yoghurt (a useful way to use up milk that is starting to go off), a small bowl of blood and bone. Some people use dog roll but I can’t go there. You could of course cut out the middleman and free range your chickens in wild areas so they can find their own protein.

Protein for chickens

Protein for chooks



  1. marg streeter says

    Hi Kath can I put wild flowers in the orchard to help with pollination I have free ranging chickens in there, would it work or would they just eat them all, and get sick or even die?

    • Hi Marg – yes the wildflowers are very helpful for pollination especially if they arrive early spring, but yes beware the free range chicken who will scratch new seedlings up! Perhaps patches of wildflowers under upside down hanging baskets to keep them safe, or can you shut the orchard off from the chooks for 6 weeks while the wildflowers establish, then let them back in once grown? I have never had a chook poisoned – they avoid particular plants and I presume they only eat whats safe so its not something I worry about. best Kath