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Five Ways to Get Your Questions Answered

bee on echinacea

Use the Search Bar. It’s at the top right on every page of my website. Enter a subject and look about. Over the years I’ve written a tonne, just for you. Help yourself, its all free. Keep your search terms broad for best success.

Checkout my Goods + Gurus page. This lists all fav biological fertilisers, tools, plants and all my gurus too.

Speak your mind. At the end of each blog post, is the option to get your questions answered. Scroll to the bottom, below all the questions and comments to “Speak your mind”. Enter your question and I’ll provide the answer. If you have trouble using this feature, refresh the page.

Book in for a Short n Sweet 20min video or phone consult.

Observe + be your own guru. When you have a question, and face it there are so very many questions along this food growing journey, one of your very best tools is to do nothing and watch it all unfold.

Yes thats right! Do nothing! Watching life unfold, without intervention is where I’ve learned all the best stuff.

Take a few deep breaths, relax and watch this thing you are worrying over. Notice everything – the condition of the soil, the weather + temperatures, the companion plants, the plants that are struggling and the plants that are thriving, the pests and the predators.

Tuck your observations away. Over time they all add up and the answers come. And you’ll soon see, that the more you let go control, and the more you trust natural processes, the better things be. This letting go happens by degree – were not trained this way you see. We’re taught to control nature. Our very garden language tells us we are at war, in a never ending battle.

As you get used to partnering nature rather than ruling her, you’ll discover so many wonderful things. There is so much delight and joy along this road. Nature is not your enemy, far from it – she well and truly has your back.

Here are links to all my fav resources + gurus, to help you on your way.