Simple Summer Plum Cake Recipe


summer plum cakeGardeners are so busy at this time of the year. Add a job and a few kids to the mix, and cake baking, which should be near the top of the priority list languishes way below.

Here’s the world’s most simple cake, especially for you my friends. I know you’re busy and I know you love cake. (I like to imagine this is how cakes used to be made before Kitchen Aids’, before 9 different types of sugar, before freeze dried fruits and all the other uber fancy things that have invaded our baking.)

Summer Plum Cake

Get ready:

  • Butter then flour a 20cm springform tin
  • Slice a pile of stonefruit, leaving the skin on. (Tis a great way to use up any fruit that’s goin’ mushy.)
  • Make up cinnamon sugar topping, by mixing 2 Tblspns of raw sugar with 2 tspns of cinnamon. Keep aside in a bowl.

Make the cake:

150g of your favourite flour (replace some flour with ground almonds and/or a couple of tablespoons of coconut)

1tsp baking powder

1tsp of cinnamon or mixed spice

150g sugar

120g melted butter

2 eggs

  • Beat everything together with a wooden spoon until its a smooth batter.
  • Pour into the tin, smooth the top and pile the fruit on.
  • Sprinkle cinnamon sugar a top.
  • Bake at 180 degrees until the side comes away from the tin and a skewer comes out clean. In my old oven this takes 50minutes.

Best eaten on the day its made. Delightful with yoghurt.