April in the Vegie Patch + Greenhouse, Boost Fruit Trees + Consults are back!

Damsel fly on crab apple tree

As a lovely antidote to all the autumn pests, focus instead on the beneficial ones. Dragonflies, ladybugs and bees are the most obvious. Wasps predate caterpillars, and while that’s sad for monarchs, its great for cabbage whites. (Nothing in nature is good or bad, it just is what it is). Find out what a lacewing, hoverfly and parasitic wasp look like and keep a look out for them. They’re the trojans of pest control and as long as you aren’t spraying, populations will build and build. This is playing the long game, the end result of which is more beneficials and less pests, and brings so much satisfaction and joy.

And I have good news for those of you who’ve been patiently waiting while I’ve been unavailable, writing my book – I’m back – consults are a go!

Yours in the earth, ❤️ Kath


  1. Garth Guptill says

    Hi Kath do you know if any studies have been done about using home made Borage Tea,home made Seaweed Tea,Home made Comfrey Tea…..And Home made Rhubarb juice of which I know this is great as an insecticide,but I am not sure of there rates to use.
    And I tend to burn or kill our plants..
    I would rather use organics if possible in the gardens

    • I havent read any studies Garth. My studies are the plants themselves – watching how well they grow and respond in accordance to what I’m doing. Burning shows you you are too heavy handed. Less is definately more here. Weak solutions often bring a far better growth response than strong doses. Each homemade dose is different – dilute to the colour of weak tea. Pour on in the cool of evening or morning – not in the sun. Watch and see and trust your gut feeling. Liquid feed is a fast acting tonic, an important part of the garden but wont act in isolation – team it with looking after your soil.
      PS rhubarb is strong but will impact beneficial insects as well.

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