The Perfect Raspberry Frame

This here is the raspberry frame I wish I’d made. Seeing it in action the summer after we’d built ours was bad luck for us, but hopefully not too late for you!

rasperry trellis

Create two rows, 400mm apart using 1.8 waratah’s on an angle at each end of the row to make a “v” shape. Make it 400mm ish at the base, opening out to 1m ish at the top. Attach a wire (with a turnbuckle for future tensioning) at about 1.2 from the ground. This is what you tie the canes to. Because of the angle, the tensioned wire and the weight of raspberries – strainer wires anchoring the waratahs to the ground, would be smart.

There is alot going for this system (called a V trellis).

  • Makes the most of the space – being able to take the canes to two sides
  • Opens the canes out for really good light distribution and airflow
  • The new primocanes grow up in the middle – so you don’t have to fight your way through them to pick berries in the summer
  • Very easy to manage, healthy system

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