March in the Vegie Patch

Autumn is here and once the nights start cooling off the soil will soon follow. Those cooler temps slow growth right down. May plantings will take much longer to mature than April plantings, taking longer again than March plantings. The moral of this story is to plant some winter stuff today. Getting Winter Crops growing […]

March in the Vegie Patch

My favourite comment from a workshopee is this “I’m surprised at all the flowers – I thought you were all about the vegetables.” (There were of course vegetables enough to feed a small army amongst all those flowers). I don’t blame her for thinking that – my summer vegie patch does look more like a […]

Autumn happenings & Winter crops

Greetings all, Well that’s it – summer’s a wrap! Cooler nights mean growth is slowing down, soils loose their heat and that flurry of energy returns to the earth for a rest. Whatever it is you want to be eating this winter needs to be getting a groove on. Getting your winter crops cranking while […]

March News from the Vegie Patch

March – it sure feels like it – a march that is… against time. What is this peaceful occupation they call food gardening?! Autumn is here and in a couple of months time the air and soil temps will be cooling off. I for one am so looking forward to it. Those cooler temps slow […]