Kumara and Ginger Loaf

June is the perfect month for this kind of baking. Dense, moist and gingery – its just the thing to make a grey day bright. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Steam or roast 2 large kumara (a great use for leftover roasties), and puree. 11/2cups of kumara puree 75g melted butter or coconut oil […]

When To Harvest Kumara, Perfectly Ripe Pumpkins and Early Garlic

When To Harvest Kumara My kumara aren’t huge this year (that’s what happens when summer doesn’t arrive). I’ve had a poke around in the soil and there appears to be a higher rate of smalls than usual, a few average size tubers and next to no big ones. There may be surprises lurking – only […]

My Guide to Growing Kumara is Here!

September is time to get your kumara shoots started and prepare your beds. Arriving just in the nick of time to help you along – the kumara Ebook is here! A Guide to Growing Great Kumara Keep the kumara tradition alive and get your crops to thrive. By Kath Irvine You’ll learn: how to get […]

How to grow your own kumara shoots

It’s time to get your kumara shoots (tupu or slips) underway. Yes you can buy shoots, but it’s better to grow your own, you’ll love them more! Anyway it’s easy, too easy to spend money on, truly it is. (Incase you’re wondering – kumara shoots are the equivalent of a seedling or seed – they’re […]