January in the Vegie Patch

I am over-joyed to find delicious dirt beneath the mulch after all these hot days! Dark, damp, wormy and smelling fine. It’s good nick has alot to do with the often topped up layer of organic matter (mulch) spread over it. Keeps the soil life fed and housed and multiplying. Mulch is your weapon against […]

Happy New Year to You!

I love New Year. New is fun! Growing a new tomato, the start of a new friendship, a new baby. Our 2015 workshop and event programme is here. There’s a mix of new excitement, as well as comforting good old. We’re kicking the year off with something special!, a twilight concert with the Andrew London […]

January in the Vegie Patch

To get the best out of all that hard-won fertility in your vegie patch you want to make sure that as your summer crops wind up, another lot of something takes over. Yes, it’s that scary “planning” word! Go on, I dare you – look ahead. What do you want to be eating this autumn? […]

Tomato and Onion Pie

With the tomatoes comin’ in from the greenhouse and the onions drying on the deck we can indulge in our favourite summer pie. Tomato Onion Pie 2 onions finely sliced pepper and salt 6 sliced tomatoes (lovely ripe ones please!) 50g butter cubed grated cheese Butter a casserole dish then create your pie. Start with […]