Get Inspired This June

Winter’s a great time to go work-shopping – get yourself re inspired! Surrounding yourself with people who are into the same stuff you’re into is always a winner of a way to spend a day. On the 3rd and 4th June, Kahikatea Farm, runs their Food Forest Workshop . Learn to ‘think like a forest’ […]

South Island Workshops And Pruning Lessons In June

How To Prune Fruit Trees June 17 is my “How To Prune Fruit Tree’s” workshop. Small fruit trees = orcharding happiness! Those of you with young trees are well placed for this to happen. Training them while they’re bendy and young is the ticket. That sweet innocence doesn’t last for long – and before you […]

Pruning Demonstration

A pipfruit pruning demonstration to boost your pruning confidence!

Branching Out

I hate a glaring gap, an empty space on a fruit tree where a branch should be … needs to be! Here’s a simple, old school trick to stimulate a bit of branching out. Choose a lovely fat bud in the locale of the wished for branch. Using something sharp take a slice out of […]