Bring On The Kumara

  It’s time to get your kumara shoots (tupu or slips) underway. Yes, you can buy shoots, but it’s better to grow your own, you’ll love them more! Anyway, it’s easy, too easy to spend money on, truly it is. In case you’re wondering – kumara shoots (pictured above), are the equivalent of a seedling […]

The kumara blog: part 3

The next step is fun!, taking the shoots from the mother kumara. To prepare, fill a small container with a weak seaweed or fish or comfrey solution to put your shoots into. Tip the sandbox out carefully so as not to break any of the new shoots and hold the kumara. (It’s a groovy sight […]

Growing Kumara; part 2!

As promised, here’s the next step in growing your own kumara. These gorgeous looking things are my kumara shoots bursting forth, growing happily in their warm sandbox. Keep on keeping them moist and sometime soon add a thin layer of compost on top of the sand (just so they don’t go hungry) Get the bed […]