Autumn in the Vegie Patch

Join our Autumn garden tour where we’ll chat brocolli, celery, soil health, greencrops and garlic (and other autumnal things.) We’ll be parched after all that talking so coffee and cake to perk us up. And then (lucky you!) our very special guest – Anna Butterfield from loveplantlife (our favourite seed geek) to teach us all […]

How to grow garlic

May through July is garlic planting time. Growing garlic is easy, which makes it one of my favourite crops. Am I lazy loving something because its easy? Well so be it!, easy is so very lovable. It is, of course, a very important crop for the kitchen. Here are a few things you can do […]

May in the Vegie Patch

Provided you haven’t been bashed by storms you’ll be picking broccoli, kale and cabbage; all sorts of saladings; carrots and beetroot; celery, coriander and parsley and perennial leeks (mine are still intact so lovely). We’re still enjoying tomatoes and peppers from the greenhouse. All that forward planning and extra effort in summer is paying off […]

Autumn in the Organic Vegie Patch – SOLD OUT!

Come for an Autumn garden tour! We’ll be talkin’ autumn garden clean up, compost making and getting your garden beds through the winter. How to grow beautiful brassicas with big curds, garlic, crunchy celery and winter saladings.