Citrus, Strawberries and new Fruit Trees

Citrus trees are for sale in supermarkets and garden centres. I encourage you to think a little before buying in. Citrus love warmth (tiny wee baby ones more so) therefore it makes no sense to me to plant them out when we are coming into the coldest part of year. Late spring/ early summer is […]

August: Caring for your fruit trees

There are a few important jobs in the orchard this month. The last of the dormant sprays need to go on If you had a serious case of blackspot or leaf curl you may be considering a lime sulfur spray. Get this on this month. Please dont use lime sulfur on apricots. Or for less […]

January is Citrus Feeding Time!

It’s citrus feeding time! Especially important for those of you in the lower half of the North Island (or anywhere that’s marginal for citrus) to give new seedlings a good old leg up. Get them growing strong while the weather is warm, so they are bigger and bolder for when they need to take on […]