Merry Christmas, My Gardening Friends

Greetings Edible Backyarders, Let me officially welcome you to summer (even though its been summer for weeks!) River swims mark summer’s arrival at ours, and we’ve been in the river every day after school for the past few. So very lucky to be able to cool off in fresh, clean water amidst the birds and […]

December in the Vegie Patch

Are your gardens mulched? You know you don’t even need to pull the weeds, just lay wet newspaper a top and mulch a top of that. All those weeds will die down in the dark leaving a lovely feed for the soil – delighting the worms beneath. If the worms be happy, the plants are […]

December in the Orchard

Summer pests are on the rise. Keep an eye out for unusual leaf shapes or colours (a stitch in time saves nine.) If the comfrey beneath your trees starts to wilt get out there with the hose quick smart! Make sure your fruit trees don’t dry out especially at this time of developing fruits. If […]

Ready for harvest-Lemon balm and Elderflower

Lemon balm is abundant at the moment and looking at its prime for collection. Its timing is impeccable as many of its uses are well suited to this time of the year. This has got to be one of my favourite teas, it has a lovely lemony flavour which is often agreeable to children. This […]