Pistachio, almond and lemon cake

This is without a doubt a special occasion gluten-free cake. More fussy to make than my usual 5 minute wonders (it’s more expensive too), but I’m sharing this recipe today because I made this cake at the Spring workshop and now I have requests! Don’t pass this by because you’re not gluten free, you’ll adore […]

Simple Summer Plum Cake Recipe

Gardeners are so busy at this time of the year. Add a job and a few kids to the mix, and cake baking, which should be near the top of the priority list languishes way below. Here’s the world’s most simple cake, especially for you my friends. I know you’re busy and I know you […]

Rhubarb Cake

Winter is cake eating season, especially suited to warm cakes straight out of the oven with something creamy atop. In honour of this I am making Rhubarb Cake today. I love this recipe for the generous amount of fruit in it, also because its ingredients are simple. It’s lovely warm with custard or cream and […]